Muddy or wet clubs can spell disaster for a clean, direct shot. So a golf towel attached to their golf bag is a pretty essential piece of golf equipment. When damp, the golf towel can be used to clean clubs and keep them mud-free for the whole 18 holes. Used dry, golf towels can buff clubs and balls when it’s wet and rainy. On a hot day, they come in handy for wiping sticky palms or the sweaty grip of a club. All-in-all, a simple but handy piece of kit.

 Our towels come in a choice of navy, black, green or pink. They are sumptuously thick, luxurious golf towels in a deep pile velour with cotton terry backs. They are specially designed for the course, with a heavy duty eyelet and clip for attaching to a golf bag. Our golf towels can be personalised to your specification using a heat bonded flock to make it uniquely theirs. Even when printed, our golf towels are happy to be washed at 40°C, ready for the next round.

 For bragging rights, we’ve got a selection of golf towels that recognise their achievements, whether they got the longest drive, the straightest drive or if they were “nearest the pin” (yes, more golf slang). We’ve even got golf towels to commemorate that elusive hole-in-one and as a golf gift to mark a milestone birthday.