Pitch marks are little dents on the putting green where a golf ball comes flying in from the sky and its impact leaves a mark on the pristine green. Divot marks are found on the tee box or the fairway, when the golf club has struck the ground and taken a chunk of the grass out.

 It’s good golf etiquette to repair these damages and dinks to ensure the next player has a smooth green to putt on and the ball rolls correctly for them. The right tool is essential; badly repaired pitch marks can cause more problems for green-keepers. Golf pitch repairers and divot repair tools are designed to fix the damage correctly, along with a little know-how from the player.

 Pitch repairers, divot repair tools and pitch forks all do much the same job and are an essential item in the golf bag. But no one said they had to be boring. There’s a huge choice of pitch repairers that can be personalised, feature a photograph or slogan or mark a special occasion. Our penknife style, retractable pitch repairer with an integral magnetic golf ball marker is the one favoured by Today’s Golfer magazine but can be made completely unique to the golf-lover in your life by personalising it with a special message, slogan or photograph. Our gift boxed pitch repairer and ball marker set is a popular option too.